Dog has sewing needle removed from neck

PHOTO: Pixabay

A dog in Scotland suspected of having a brain tumour actually had a sewing needle in his neck and had to have it removed by surgeons.

X-rays showed that it was actually a needle that had pierced the poor pooch's spinal cord and caused him neck pain.

The Yorkshire terrier's owners took him to the vet after noticing he was struggling to walk and showing signs of seizures.

The vet in Beauly, near Inverness, initially feared the 13-year-old might have a brain tumour and took scans of his head, but the images showed a 7cm sewing needle - with thread attached - stuck in his neck.

It is not known how it got there, but vets suspect he either ate it or laid his head on it.

Surgeons have since removed the needle, which was sat dangerously close to his brain.