Fake news: Ferrari squeezes under trailer truck to escape cops


A Ferrari car can probably outspeed a police car.

Whether it can outmanoeuvre the cops by changing lanes under another vehicle, however, is not that clear cut until it's tried out. 

A video showing that feat has been revving up online recently, giving some people the impression that it can be done — and has been done.

In the clip, a red Ferrari squeezes under a trailer truck before emerging from the other side at a location that appears to be somewhere in the UK. A police car then enters the shot, seemingly chasing it.

One version that has been viewed millions of times was tweeted by sports car aficionado account Luxury World. It was also shared on other platforms.

Turns out, as realistic as the footage appears to be, it was actually computer-generated imagery.

Although the words "style animation" and "animator" can be seen on LADbible's post, such a significant fact was omitted from many other posts.

Some, however, did mention popular car-racing video game Need for Speed, which was a subtle giveaway.

The animation was created by graphic designer Dionisis Sakas.

Guess what — even the lorry's not real.

To be honest, we may not approve of the spread of online falsehoods, but this one's a slick car move we don't mind watching a professional stunt driver pull off.