Kuwait fishmonger sticks googly eyes on fish to make them appear fresh

Buying a fish for dinner tonight?

One of the easiest ways to check if it's a fresh catch is to look at the eyes. They should be clear and bulging with dark pupils, says the Michelin Guide.

One fish for sale in Kuwait, however, had a pair of peepers that were just a tad too bright, local newspaper Al Bayan reported on Sept 1.

In fact, close-up photos showed that the fish had a googly eye stuck on top of its cloudy eye.

And the woman who bought the fish only realised she was deceived while cleaning it at home.

As with all funny photos, the fish's pictures spread like wildfire on social media and elicited laughter from netizens worldwide.

Amused Twitter users were quick to come up with fish puns such as:

Shortly after the tweet of the fish went viral online, the shop was shut down by the country's department of commerce for trying to deceive customers, Al Bayan said in an update.

The last time we checked, another fish store in Kuwait took a jibe at the googly eyed fish:

"Announcing the "Fashion Boutique Fish" - fish without cosmetic surgery."

It wears a pair of cosmetic lenses instead. How lovely.