Man shares photos of his gorgeous mum in her 40s, netizens think she's his girlfriend

How would you feel if your friends started flirting with your parents or even thinking your mum was your girlfriend?

Jonathan Nguyen recently shared photos of himself with his mother on a Facebook group, Subtle Asian Traits (SAT), with the caption: "Having a young Asian mom is great until you see someone your age shooting their shot at her."

The closed group was created last year on September 16 and has over 1.4 million members.

His post, which was first published on Tuesday (July 30), has since garnered over 16,000 reactions and 8,500 comments.

PHOTO: Screengrab from Facebook

He even shared a picture of the two of them from when he was younger, and a netizen commented about how Jonathan's mum did not age.

PHOTO: Facebook/Jonathan Nguyen

Another photo that Jonathan posted was of the mother-son duo having a drink, where he captioned:

"Me: I'm done drinking for the night.

"Mom: we are in Hawaii. Don't be weak.

"Me:..... drinks."

Comments on the post have netizens confused about the mother-son duo's relationship.

Mostly, comments revolved around people's envy of the mum's age-defying looks.

Jonathan even published a post on Instagram, saying that his mother has gotten viral ever since his graduation.

In a comment, Jonathan said that his mum was all right with the photos of them being published on SAT, but she apparently did not expect that the post would become viral.

According to Daily Mail, 22-year-old Jonathan is a Vietnamese from Los Angeles. Jonathan said that his mum is in her 40s and her secret involves exercising, dieting and a skincare routine.

All this journalist wants to know is how can I get in on this skincare regimen of hers.