Mickey Mouse's birthday celebrated with fashion show

Mickey Mouse's birthday celebrated with fashion show

UNITED STATES - Atelier "Opening Ceremony" held a Mickey Mouse themed fashion show at Disneyland on Wednesday (March 7) - the first fashion show at the theme park in forty years.

Mickey Mouse was emblazoned on high waisted trousers, skirts, knitted jumpers and oversized shirts with the cartoon character's hands and ears also making an appearance.

"We decided to really think out of the box and do things like gowns and you know dresses and things that normally you wouldn't see Mickey's character appear on," designer Humberto Leon told Reuters.

"I think for us, you know, everyone remembers their first experience, he brings joy, he never goes out of style he's really, you know, a democratic icon for everyone, you know, no matter what age you are to remember and love," added co-designer Carol Lim added.

The event was held inside Disneyland's Toon Town in Anaheim, California, where guests were served popcorn, pizza and ice slushies.


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