Mum's quick reflexes save baby from falling over ledge, and she doesn't even drop her phone

With all that they do for their children, mothers are superheroes in more ways than one. This mum in Colombia proved it by saving her baby from falling off a balcony ledge with her lightning quick reflexes. And she did it all without dropping her phone.

The incident reportedly took place on the fourth floor of Laureles Colonial building in Medellín, according to El Espectador. In the security camera footage of the June 19 episode that has since gone viral, the mother appears to be talking on the phone as the baby walks around a staircase landing. The baby then raises both hands up and tries to lean onto the bannister.

In a heartstopping moment, the baby falls straight through the railings, over the ledge. The quick-thinking mother darts forward and manages to grab onto one of her baby's legs - while still holding her phone securely in the other hand. She then places her phone down on the floor before grabbing the baby with both hands and pulling the child to safety.

One commenter praised her for her multi-tasking skills saying, "Should I be impressed that she also didn't manage to drop her phone? If it were me, I feel like the phone would be flying down the stairs."

For the rest of us klutzes who drop our phones all the time even when we aren't saving lives, another commenter offers an explanation, "I think it is a common response to grip onto whatever is in your hand during acute stress."

Another comment mentioned a crucial gun safety tip, saying, "...this is why with firearms you should never have your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to fire, because in moments like this you end up firing a shot you didn't intend to."

Interestingly, that idea does seem to have a scientific basis. HowStuffWorks explains that when we are faced with danger, our bodies tense up involuntarily as part of a fight-and-flight response.

What is a little more difficult to explain is the special bond between mother and child that imbues mums with an almost superhuman instinct to swoop in and save their kids from danger.

In a viral clip published in February this year, one Vietnamese mum and her son had a narrow escape when their motorcycle got into an accident. After getting thrown onto the road, the mum pulls her son into her lap, avoiding a passing truck by mere fractions of a second.

In another video that seems straight out of an action movie, this mum was holding her baby when an out-of-control truck barrels towards them at full speed. The moment she spots the danger, she runs for her life at super-human speed.

Finally, in this tragic accident in China, a mother sacrificed her life, pushing her son to safety moments before she fell into an escalator shaft.

Not forgetting all the fathers who have gone viral for their equally fast reflexes - parenthood certainly isn't easy.