Nail salon takes 'convenience at your fingertips' quite literally with their viral design

PHOTO: Instagram/nail_sunny

With technology like, mobile contactless payments and QR code payments, convenience is always at our fingertips.

But a nail salon in Russia has taken that saying a step further with this rather bizarre (yet brilliant) manicure. 

In a viral Twitter video posted on Monday (March 11), a nail technician from Moscow-based Nail Sunny shows how it is done.

First, she cuts out the chip from a credit card. She then places it on a acrylic nail extension and glues it to the customer's thumb nail.

To everyone's amusement, the customer proceeds to pay for the manicure session by waving her thumb over the payment dock. Amazingly, the payment gets accepted.

With over 60,000 retweets and 100,000 likes, some netizens can't help but show their confusion over such an absurd nail design.

Others wondered what would happen if the customer chips her nail.

Nail Sunny, is no stranger to weird nail designs; last year, the nail salon went viral after they inserted live ants into a customer's nail extension. 

While most manicures are simply for aesthetics, we have to agree that the possibilities are indeed endless.