Pokemon launches its own scholarship

The Pokemon Company has launched its own scholarship.

The world-famous company - which developed the record-breaking 'Pokemon Go' game - has announced that it's established a grant in order to pay for two second year MA students to attend the Royal College of Art (RCA) in the UK.

The scholarship offers various perks to the lucky recipients, including the chance to visit the Pokemon Company's studios in Japan, where iconic characters such as Pikachu were created.

Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara explained: "'Pokemon 'evolved as a brand by embracing new technologies and collaborating with partners from new fields that range from data communication systems and geolocation-related technologies to partners in fashion and art."

Meanwhile, Dr Rathna Ramanathan, the dean of RCA's school of communication, has hailed the concept of the scholarship, describing it as an "excellent opportunity".

Dr Rathna said: "The Pokemon Scholarship is an excellent opportunity for our students to consider their emerging practices in relation to the context of the world's issues, concerns and contexts."