Shake Shack customer's OTT praise for cooks and burger goes viral

PHOTO: Twitter/spookyboosky

We know there's been excited chatter in these parts over the possibility of US burger chain Shake Shack setting up shop in Singapore, but the fast food restaurant recently made news on the other side of the globe over the weekend for an entirely different reason altogether.

A Shake Shack customer in the US apparently liked the burger so much, he made sure to let everyone know it too, albeit in very dramatic fashion.

In a video posted on Twitter, the customer is seen marching up, almost angrily, to the counter before loudly asking: "“Yo, who made this burger? Who made this burger, man? I know y’all hear me!”

He continues to question the staff in an aggressive manner as a line of curious customers look on, until someone in the kitchen throws up the names - "Jason and Mike".

Then, the customer breaks into a smile before complimenting them on the meal: “Jason, you killin’ it, man. Mike too!”

Almost immediately, everyone breaks into applause -- and a sigh of relief too, we suspect.

The video has been viewed more than 4 million times, receiving 455,000 likes and more than 180,000 comments since it was posted on Sunday.

In an interview with Fox News, the customer, Marcus Jeffers, said he came up with the idea to pull the stunt while joking with his friends at the restaurant.

"Once I started yelling, the music stopped and everyone stared at me in silence, and I wasn't sure if I took it too far. So, once I complimented the cooks, I'm glad everyone started clapping afterward," he added. "I'm just glad nothing got out of hand and everyone had a laugh out of it," Jeffers told Fox News.

Of course, no one appreciated the video more than Shake Shack.

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