Triggered netizens threaten to boycott Gillette over new ad on 'toxic masculinity'

Love it or hate it - Gillette's got people talking about their latest ad - a short film with barely a razor in sight.

Within a day of its release on Tuesday (Jan 15), the ad's already garnered 17.1 million views on Twitter, 9.6 million views on YouTube and another 90,000 views on Instagram.

What made it go viral?

With the video, the personal care brand has taken a stance against 'toxic masculinity' - where traditional expectations of men are seen to be damaging - and have launched a new campaign titled "The best a man can be".

Playing on its 30-year-old tagline "The best men can get," Gillette has said it will challenge the stereotypes and expectations of what it means to be a man.

In the video, various men are seen stepping forward and putting a stop to bullying, sexual harassment, and fighting - behaviours that might have been excused as 'boys being boys' in the past.

Following the popularity of the video, Gillette said in a tweet: "We hope to inspire men to be their best, and we are starting with our own actions. This includes how we portray men in marketing."

The reactions from netizens, however, were polarising.

Many people commended Gillette for starting a discussion on an important topic, and showing that men, with their actions, can set good examples for the next generation.

Meanwhile, others saw the ad as a criticism of all men and threatened to boycott the brand. Thus, the hashtag #BoycottGillette was born.

The messaging of the ad also appears to be lost on some people.

Photo: YouTube screengrabs

While some angry men (and women) are ranting online about how the ad promotes misandry, or discrimination against men, a Twitter user shed some light on what the video is really about.

No matter what your opinion of the ad may be, we must say we're tickled by this tweet. What a troll.