Two cars fighting for parking lot in LA turns into mental warfare

What is the pettiest thing you've ever done? Two drivers show what it's like to be the ultimate kiasu after spending more than 90 minutes fighting for one parking lot.

In a series of tweets on April 1 (no joke), a user by the handle "Mrhflrs" documented live the story of two cars fighting for a prime parking spot in Los Angeles. 

While she didn't see how the drivers started the battle, she wrote that the two cars had been in that position for 10 minutes in her opening tweet. 

Apparently, the black car was trying to parallel-park by reversing into the lot. However, the silver car looks to be blocking it from entering. 

The awkward situation continued for another 10 minutes, resulting in traffic getting blocked.

Neither were going to back out even when another space freed up on the street and it seemed like the priority had become outlasting each other in a battle of pettiness. 

Even as both cars signalled their desire for the lot and were greeted with a "symphony of angry horns", nothing could disperse the passive-aggressive confrontation as the standoff continued till sunset. 

Alas, after an hour, the duel seemed to come to a halt when the adjoining spot became available. Finally, both cars were able to park.

Does this mean that the mental war has reached a ceasefire? Nope, parking of the cars only signalled round two of the battle of pettiness, as now neither wanted to exit their cars. 

After an extra 20 minutes of sitting in the cars, the tension finally halted when the driver of the silver car decided to exit his, ending more than 90 minutes of petty conflict. 

While it seemed like the drivers never got to talk it out, Twitter user Mrhflrs took the chance to give the two cars a "thank-you" card after the absurd situation by leaving it under their windshield.

In the letter, she thanked them for the free entertainment and also offered the drivers a chance to share their side of the story to an email address she created, aptly named "". None of the drivers have emailed as of April 4.  

Meanwhile, her Twitter thread became viral and users started to create alliances, choosing between #TeamSilverCar and #TeamBlackCar. 

The saga even made its way to swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen, who was all for #TeamBlackCar. 

Others also pointed out that the situation was literally the plotline of an episode of sitcom Seinfield. 

As the debate rages on, who do you think had the right of way? Are you #TeamBlackCar or #TeamSilverCar?