UK police arrest man on terrorism charges at Luton airport

Passengers are seen social distancing as they queue to board a plane at Luton Airport, following the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19), Luton, Britain, on May 1, 2020.
PHOTO: Reuters

LONDON - British police charged a 38-year-old man with terrorism offences on Thursday (Aug 11) after he was deported to England from Turkey.

Prosecutors said they had originally authorised the charging of Aine Davis under terrorism laws in 2014. After being deported by Turkish authorities he was arrested on his arrival at Luton Airport and will appear in court on Thursday morning.

The BBC and other media outlets had reported that Davis was accused of being part of an Islamic State cell called "The Beatles" by hostages in Syria because of their British accents.

"Mr Davis, 38, has been charged with terrorism offences and possession of a firearm for a purpose connected with terrorism," the Crown Prosecution Service said.

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