US administers about 384.9 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines: CDC

OSU student Ashlyn Gerlach of Saint Henry, Ohio, receives her second dose of the Pfizer coronavirus disease (Covid-19) vaccine at a clinic at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, US on Sept 15, 2021.
PHOTO: Reuters

The United States has administered 384,911,290 doses of Covid-19 vaccines as of Saturday (Sept 18) morning and distributed 466,569,635 doses, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

Those figures are up from 383,994,877 vaccine doses the CDC said had gone into arms by Sept 17 out of 464,315,725 doses delivered.

The agency said 211,489,242 people had received at least one dose, while 181,035,022 people were fully vaccinated.

The CDC tally includes two-dose vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech, as well as Johnson & Johnson's one-shot vaccine.

Over 2.11 million people have received an additional dose of either Pfizer or Moderna's vaccine since Aug 13, when the US authorised a third dose for those with compromised immune systems who are likely to have weaker protection from the two-dose regimens.

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