US police called to rescue toddler wedged inside toy

20-month-old Luca might just be the world's cutest jack-in-the-box. Just don't ask how he managed to do it. 

On Jan 24, members of the Fort Lee Police Division posted photos of the adorable, albeit sulky, toddler after he found himself wedged inside a toy which was designed to teach children about shapes and colours. 

His mother, Sonna Choe, called 911 upon finding her son stuck inside the activity box. 

“I was panicking -- I had to get him out, so I had no choice (but to call the police); I didn’t have the tools (required),” she said, in a video uploaded by ABC 7.  “He got in easily, but could not come back out," she continued. 

Thank you to Sergeant Rick Hernandez for saving this child who was stuck inside of his toy #FortLeePD

Posted by Fort Lee Police Department on Thursday, January 24, 2019

Good thing for Luca, Sergeant Rick Hernandez came to his rescue. 

Mr Hernandez broke a panel, and according to reports, had a back-up plan in the shape of a heavy duty tool had he been unable to get it done himself. Thankfully, that wasn’t necessary.

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“It was a priceless expression (he had) on his face,” Mr Hernandez was quoted saying. “He was a little bit embarrassed about the situation.”

Not all heroes wear capes and for Luca, his mom said he learned a valuable lesson.

In a separate report, Soona says she plans to keep the toy and someday show the picture to Luca to remind him of that time he got stuck in a toy.