Video of man using foot to swipe in-flight screen leaves Twitter users toe-tally disgusted

It seems that up in the air, flight etiquette may have reached an all-time low. 

A viral video of a male plane passenger using his foot to select a movie on his in-flight entertainment screen has left Twitter users gasping in horror.

This seven-second-long clip was posted on Twitter by Alafair Burke, a New York Times bestselling author and law professor, whose friend filmed the incident on her flight. 

Since it was first uploaded on July 15, the video has been viewed 9.57 million times.

Twitter users were horrified, outraged, and revolted by the unsanitary behaviour of the man, with one user stating “What are no-fly lists even for, if not for people like this”.

Other users suggested that the passenger could be suffering from a condition that hindered the use of his hands, so he had to use his feet to navigate the entertainment system.

In response, Burke said that her friend “saw him walk on and off the plane, carrying his own bag.”

However, she declined to reveal the details of the incident such as the airline or flight number because it "felt super doxy."

If this incident makes you feel like you never want to sit on a plane again, never fear. Twitter users have come up with a range of practical and amusing solutions:


Take a leaf out of supermodel Naomi Campbell’s flight routine, in which she studiously wipes every single surface around her seat. 

Even Clorox, an American company known for their cleaning products, jumped in the Twitter thread to recommend their travel-sized disinfecting wipes.


One user mentioned just staying at home rather than travelling via plane. 

Well, that certainly makes sense, after all, prevention is better than cure. 


With a whole-body suit that provides protection against biohazardous materials, you can definitely be assured that none of your body parts will come into contact with someone else's germs.


Last but not the least, a Twitter user wanted to invoke Thanos, a villain from the Marvel Universe capable of wiping out fifty percent of civilisation with a snap of his fingers, to remove the passenger from the world. 

Out of all the solutions given, which one do you like the best?