'We just dodged death': Cord on reverse bungee ride in US snaps moments before launch

PHOTO: Facebook/Krissy Hurst

Two men got the scare of their lives on a reverse bungee ride — without even leaving the ground.

Video footage shared on Facebook shows the harrowing moment when a bungee cord on the ride snapped, just seconds before the duo were about to be launched into the air.

Watch till the end.. In Panama City Beach @ The Cobra on Front Beach Road.. Please Excuse the Language. My Bestie had...

Posted by Krissy Hurst on Sunday, August 18, 2019

Krissy Hurst, who uploaded the video, told local media Fox13 that the incident took place at Cobra Adventure Park at Panama City Beach, Florida, on Saturday night (Aug 17).

"You're going to be screaming like sissies in 10 seconds," a woman behind the camera tells the men as they were preparing to launch.

After some enthusiastic headbanging and whoops of excitement from the two men, a worker stepped forward and pushed the lever to launch the ride. Just then, the bungee cord on one side of the ride frayed and snapped, leaving the worker scrambling for cover and the two men shell-shocked.

"Oh my god, holy s***. We just dodged death," a female companion can be heard exclaiming as staff members attend to the men.

The two men in the video, identified by Hurst as an acquaintance and his brother-in-law, were tourists from California who had decided to go on the ride, also known as the Vertical Accelerator.

The ride consists of a metal pod suspended between two towers by elastic cords or cables. The capsule, which holds the riders, is then launched up into the air and allowed to bounce freely before being lowered back down.

Photo: YouTube/Tony Wilford

The Vertical Accelerator reportedly reaches heights of about 50m.

Hurst was at the park with her friend Lissette O'Brien, who had refused to go on the ride because of a bad feeling.

While the men were unharmed, Hurst said that they were "completely freaked out".

She added that the men eventually received a refund but the staff did not seem apologetic.

The Vertical Accelerator is back up and running according to park officials, although visitors might not be too enthusiastic to try their luck on it.

Singapore has its own reverse bungee machine located at Clarke Quay that opened in 2003. It propels riders up to 15 storeys high and boasts a 100 per cent safety record.