A woman wants to pay someone $3,500 to make life 'decisions'


A woman wants to pay someone £2,000 (S$3,500) to make life "decisions" for her.

In a job advertisement on Bark.com, an anonymous woman has confessed that she would like to hire someone to make important choices for her like in Netflix's 'Black Mirror Bandersnatch' - which sees the user in control of the decisions made by the character - after having a "rubbish year".

She wrote: "Hiya, bit of a weird one I know but basically, I feel like I need someone to make my decisions for me.

"I've had a really rubbish year and would love for someone to take control of my life think of it a bit like a real-life Bandersnatch.

"I have no idea if this sort of thing exists, but I came across clairvoyants when I was looking for another service, so I thought it was worth a shot.

"I am obviously completely incapable of making the right choices by myself.

"My mum even jokes about it. It seems like every week some minor mishap will happen to me and I'm fed up.

"Basically I'd like the person to be on-call so they can help me whenever and with whatever I need.

"I text a lot so they should be available to message me frequently and very quick to respond.

"I'm really ready to try anything - and I've set aside £2,000 for this from some inheritance money I received last year. (sic)"