Psy to meet Justin Bieber's agency

Psy's single, "Gangnam Style" album poster.

SOUTH KOREA - South Korean singer Psy will meet Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun this week, his agency said Monday.

YG Entertainment said Psy will be departing for the US on Wednesday to meet the pop star's manager. It added that Braun and Psy might discuss possible collaboration.

No other details were released, but some sources have said Bieber's management seeks to buy the rights to "Gangnam Style," a song from Psy's recently released album.

Braun reportedly has praised the "Gangnam Style" music video, tweeting "HOW DID I NOT SIGN THIS GUY!?!??!... GANGNAM STYLE!!!! #THEGREATEST".

The 35-year-old Korean singer's video, featuring its signature "horse-riding" dance and parody of South Korean night culture, became an overnight sensation upon its release in mid-July. It has been viewed over 27 million times on YouTube, even more than Justin Bieber's most recent effort.

Big names in the music industry such as T-Pain, Robbie Williams and Josh Groban have expressed their support for the video via social networking services. T-Pain even tweeted that "words cannot even describe how amazing this video is."

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