Japan bra carries messages of encouragement after quake

TOKYO - A Japanese lingerie maker on Wednesday unveiled a bra that carries messages of encouragement from overseas as the country struggles to recover from a devastating quake and tsunami that struck exactly two months ago.

The white, bustier-style garment and matching skirt by Triumph are covered with messages from 36 different countries received in the aftermath of the disaster, each accompanied by a tiny flag of the nation that sent it.

Messages ranged from simple good wishes, such as "Japan, with you 100 per cent" from France, to expressions of admiration for Japan's strength and dignity. Others were poignant.

"Those who have already left us let us know life is so fragile, and those who are alive let us know life is so strong," said one from China.

The company, known for its concept designs, said it came up with the bra after receiving messages of support from branch companies around the world, along with relief supplies. The bra is not for sale.

"I read each message myself, and I realised that everyone around the world is sending their support," said 20-year-old Hikaru Kawai, who modelled the outfit. "So I decided that I needed to do my best as well."

Nearly 26,000 people were killed or are unaccounted for after the disaster, which triggered the world's biggest nuclear crisis since Chernobyl in 1986 -- and which a few messages couldn't resist alluding to.

"Our thoughts are with you! Future without nuclear power, for our children!" read a message from Greece.

Previous efforts from the company have included a solar-powered bra and a "Welcome to Japan" bra, which featured greetings in three different languages.

-China Daily/Asia News Network