'Barbeque goddess' in Taiwan offers a feast for the eyes too

PHOTO: Facebook/若妍

Besides providing a feast for the stomach, it appears some eateries are dishing out a feast for the eyes as well.

Photos of a bosomy Taiwanese barbeque seller who helps out occasionally at her family-owned joint along the scenic Alishan Highway went viral after making its rounds on the Interweb last week.

This came after a video of the 'barbeque goddess' was posted by a patron on Tuesday (March 5).

In the video that has amassed almost 50,000 views, the focus was very much on the woman in a low-cut top working behind the counter, hurrying about and serving patrons at the barbeque joint.

The 'barbeque goddess' has since been identified as Ruo Yan -- a former model and performing artist.

Photo: Facebook/若妍

With her dazzling smile and a to-die-for figure, Ruo Yan, 36, looks barely a day past 30.

The star of the viral video, who is a member of the Tsou (Cou) tribe, an indigenous group in Central Southern Taiwan, has been labelled a must-visit "scenic pit stop" for tourists on the way up the mountains.

Photo: Facebook/若妍

A friend of Ruo Yan's left a comment on her Facebook: "You're causing a huge commotion on many travelling forums," accompanied by a picture of her working the grill.

Ruo Yan humbly replied: "That's such an exaggeration! [I am] So thankful for everyone's support!"


Aside from Ruo Yan, the barbeque joint located near the Poftonga Veoveo Art Village also houses other eye candies. 

Photo: Facebook/若妍

"One of the strongest fighters who is also our part-timer is working at the barbeque joint today. Gather here today, sisters," posted Ruo Yan on March 3 along with pictures of the hunk.

Ruo Yan is not the first roadside hawker or food seller to go viral for looking pleasantly out of place at their ordinary jobs.

The spotlight has previously been thrown on a "sexy" Taiwanese lady boss of a dumpling shop, pretty ice-cream girlvoluptuous model-butcher, as well as the "pork princess" of Taipei and the hunky bak kwa sellers in Malaysia.