Caught on camera: Indonesian man stalks woman and ejaculates on her motorcycle

PHOTO: Screengrab/Twitter/ivannhidayat

Upon discovering that the mysterious runny fluid on her motorcycle seat was semen and not yogurt as she initially believed, an Indonesian woman was so traumatised that she could not eat or sleep well for two days.

The victim of sexual harassment, named as B, told reporters from Indonesia news outlet Suara that she was going home on her two-wheeler from her cousin's place on Oct 16 at around 10pm. That's when she was followed by an unidentified man on a motorcycle.

The 18-year-old said: "When I pulled over [outside my house], it turns out that he [the stalker] also stopped."

She added: "I looked back, but he was looking around, as if pretending to look at the houses."

A viral Twitter video shared on Oct 17 — with over 290,000 views — showed after the distraught B had dashed inside her house, the man could be seen masturbating and ejaculating on her motorcycle.

After the perpetrator had fled the scene, the minute-long clip later showed B inspecting and smelling the seat of her motorcycle.

Speaking to the Indonesian news outlet, she said: "I screamed and cried there because I was shocked. I said to my mother, `Mum, please take a look at my motorcycle seat, is that really semen?

"I often stay up late crying and I can't sleep. I'm scared to leave the house."

The police told Detiknews that even though B has yet to file a police report, they are investigating this incident.

In 2019, police in West Java arrested a man suspected of throwing semen at several women, which became a case known on social media as 'sperm terror'. He was eventually charged for sexual harassment in public, but was also found to have allegedly groped women's breasts.

Meanwhile, in 2020, a resident doctor at a university hospital in Semarang, Central Java had allegedly ejaculated onto his roommates' — an Indonesian woman and her husband — food and was reported to the police for sexual harassment. 

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