Daily roundup: Man fined $7,000 for Covid breaches at influencer event on yacht - and other top stories today

PHOTO: Instagram

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. Man fined $7,000 for Covid breaches at influencer event on yacht

Lim said in mitigation that he was remorseful and it was Ms Nicole Chen who had wanted to bring 10 people with her... » READ MORE

2. Bake off: Fann Wong launches online pastry shop; Jeanette Aw returns to baking after wellness break

PHOTOS: Fann Wong, Instagram/jeanetteaw

Fann Wong will be launching an online pastry shop that's aptly called Fanntasy on Oct 13... » READ MORE

3. Mike He apologises after netizens flame him for implying he would abort pregnancy if it's another daughter

PHOTO: Instagram/ho_mike

Mike He recently landed himself in hot water after his past remarks seemed to imply that he would ask his wife to get an abortion... » READ MORE

4. 'Once again, empty tables': Eatery with differently-abled staff appeals for help online

PHOTOS: Facebook/Dignity Kitchen

Dignity Kitchen, a food court at Boon Keng that employs differently-abled folk, is one establishment that is feeling the effects... » READ MORE