Daily roundup: Taiwanese actor Will Liu faced ban from Douyin because his chest was 'mistaken' for women's breasts - and other top stories today

Fitness buff Will Liu took to Douyin to live-stream his exercise sessions with his wife.
PHOTO: Instagram/Willliu107

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. Chest 'mistaken' for women's breasts: Taiwanese actor Will Liu wore coats in livestreams following ban from Douyin


He was in the news in early April after he was banned from Douyin when his nipples, which were clearly visible through his tight T-shirt, were mistaken by the platform for breasts. Liu and Wang were then seen wearing... » READ MORE

2. Filipino helper of 27 years says she's too 'shy to wear a nice dress' at former charge's wedding


Lita made a surprise appearance at Chua's wedding on April 23. PHOTO: TikTok/Otter.totts

The video of their reunion moved many to tears, but the time has come for Kelly Chua and her yaya (caretaker in Tagalog) Lita to part ways. On Saturday (April 30), the newlywed Chua shared a series of TikTok videos of her spending time with Lita, writing... » READ MORE


3. How a foetus in her fallopian tube cost this 28-year-old woman $5,000 and nearly her life

PHOTO: Cheyenne Tan

She thought she was going into the clinic for a regular check-up after a delayed period. Within the span of a few hours, Cheyenne Tan would receive a life-changing diagnosis and undergo emergency surgery to remove one of her fallopian tubes — all while her husband was on the other side of the world... » READ MORE

4. This Singaporean investor in her 30s owns 47 properties around the world - we break down 5 of them

PHOTO: Unsplash

One part of her portfolio that really stood out to me was that she owned 28 residential properties around the world (the rest are a mixture of holiday, commercial, industrial and farmland properties) – and she explained that it was because... » READ MORE