Daily roundup: Xinyao singer Tang Yuxuan dies at 48 - and other top stories today

Local musician Tong Yek Suan (second from left) of performing group The ETC died on March 10, 2019.
PHOTO: Facebook/96.3好FM

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. PM Lee pays tribute to Xinyao singer Tang Yuxuan, 48, after she dies suddenly

Local musician Tong Yek Suan, who rose to prominence in 1998 after performing a remix version of xinyao classic Xi Shui Chang Liu (Friendship Forever) with singers Joi Chua and Leelian Chua for National Day, died at home on Sunday (March 10) at the age of 48...» READ MORE

2. 'You're fat': Woman allegedly body-shames man after he helps her

Photo: Facebook/Jan Rick Mascarina

A 29-year-old digital marketer found himself entangled in some drama with a middle-aged couple in their 40s involving body-shaming, the threat of a lawsuit and police involvement...» READ MORE 

3. Famed Malaysian TCM practitioner Chris Leong returns home

Photo: Facebook/Chris Leong

After speaking to journalists, Leong even felt relaxed enough to give some impromptu treatment to a few KLIA officers and bystanders...» READ MORE

4. Chow Yun Fat appears in public for first time after accident on film set

Photo: Facebook/大帽山茶水

"Fat Gor (Big Brother Fat) said he is fine and has continued filming, as he urged everyone not to be worried," wrote a food kiosk owner who met the star on Saturday...» READ MORE