Difficult customer? Buffalo charges into woman at Thai electronics store

Difficult customer? Buffalo charges into woman at Thai electronics store
PHOTO: TikTok/thanya292524

A 'difficult customer' recently left a trail of destruction in its path at an electronics store in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

TikTok user thanya292524's video showed an enraged buffalo charging through the store's glass doors before bulldozing into the woman on Sept 30. Busy on her phone, she couldn't react in time and was knocked down by the burly intruder.

The woman, who appeared to be a staff at the store, got up immediately and fled the chasing animal by dashing out of its way. But that did not stop it from trudging around the premises and 'overstaying' its welcome.

It is unknown where the buffalo came from. 


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In the comments, concerned netizens left messages of support to the woman caught in the surprise attack. Thankfully, she replied that she is alright apart from a few bruises and soreness throughout her body.

One netizen tried to lighten the mood and suggested a cheeky reason why the 'difficult customer' barged into an electronics store.

The buffalo's not the only animal that gatecrashed into human dwellings in Thailand.

A durian-obsessed wild elephant knocked down the iron gate of a store in Hua Hin last July and feasted on some of the pungent fruits. 

The animal later came back for more on that same night, wolfing down more than 10 durians in total.


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