Hands-free bubble tea: Viral Japanese trend involves using your chest as a drink holder

Ever got tired of using your hands to hold your bubble tea?

Well, a new trend in Japan provides just the solution, that is if you happen to be blessed in that department. 

The hashtag 'hands-free tapioca' went viral on the Japanese side of Twitter, after well known manga-artist, Kiseki Himura, released a sketch of his character using her chest as a bubble tea cup holder. 

Known for tweeting one new illustration per day on his Twitter account, his illustration on June 10 sparked copycats after users wondered if the action was even possible in real life. 

Curiosity got the better of these Twitter users, as they took a shot at it and kicked off the new trend. 

One in particular shared that the great thing about having a big bust was that she could use her laptop and drink iced latte at the same time.

The challenge has since made its way out of Japan with some from Taiwan and Thailand trying it out too. 

Of course, it was not just popular with the ladies; the men had their fun too. 

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While it seems that only the well-endowed could succeed in this challenge, it certainly did not stop these people from trying. 

As the challenges rages on, can we all agree that Thor did it best?