Japanese man 'pushed' onto train tracks because of loud music from headphones

You might want to be careful the next time you accidentally inconvenience your fellow passengers on the train.

On June 7, a Japanese man fell onto the train tracks after he was pushed by a fellow commuter who was angry with the loud music playing from his headphones.

The incident occured at Chigasaki Station in the Kanagawa Prefecture south of Tokyo.

According to Japanese media, the 40-year-old assailant was crossed with the commuter because of the loud music and pushed him after they both alighted at the station.

As a result, the 30-year-old fell off the platform and onto the train tracks. He reportedly attempted to pull himself back up onto the platform but was kicked in the face numerous times and sustained injuries and bruising.

It has been reported that the assailant merely wanted to "teach the man a lesson" for his inconsiderate behaviour and claimed that the man was the one who "picked a fight with him".

He also admitted to pushing the man's shoulders with both hands, but denied "deliberately throwing him onto the tracks" as he didn't expect him to "fall off the platform".

In any case, the police have confirmed that the victim's injuries have since healed.

They have also apprehended the suspect and investigations are ongoing.


Any commuter would be ticked off by inconsiderate behaviours such as blasting music on the train.

However, this is apparently a serious faux pas for the Japanese who follow a strict etiquette while commuting by train.

According to the Japan Rail Pass website, it is advised to have your mobile phones on vibrate while on public transport. Travellers are also cautioned against "talking on the phone" as it's a sign of bad manners.

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Talking loudly is also frowned upon as most Japanese people don't do that and it is best to keep "loud conversations to a minimum".

For the others who like to blast music on their headphones, perhaps this incident could be a cautionary tale.

After all, is the freedom to listen to your songs at maximum volume worth your life?