Japanese net idol brutally attacked in Seoul, told to get out of Korea

PHOTO: Twitter/miyurindarukoro

In a horrible case of a vacation gone wrong, a Japanese net idol was threatened and beaten up by a man in Hongdae, Seoul on Aug 23.

The idol, known as Miyurin, had tweeted her excitement before her trip to South Korea on Aug 20. However, just three days later, she suddenly posted a tweet saying she was attacked by a man there.


She wrote, "A Korean attacked me. Grabbed and pulled my hair and hit me till my arms turned red."

In a follow-up Tweet, she posted four photos of her attacker.


"Koreans will get angry if you ignore their flirting and harassment," Miyurin said. She also described how the man had continued to shout vulgarities and derogatory terms at her and her friends.

In a video recorded by Miyurin, he can be heard yelling at them to get out of Korea.


She took the video of the man's troubling actions as she had felt unsafe, but he soon turned violent when he realised that he was being filmed.

In the photos, she can be seen being pushed onto the ground while the man yanked at her hair and kicked at her.

"Korea isn't safe," Miyurin said.

At the time of writing, both tweets had garnered 136,700 retweets. Many Japanese netizens had voiced their disgust towards the man's behaviour and condemned his actions. Korean netizens were also quick to apologise, expressing their shame they felt on behalf of their fellow citizen.

Sorry, very sorry. We are extremely remorseful. This kind of men is only one in a thousand in Korea. We apologise. This man will be punished by our people. Once again, we are very sorry.

The viral tweet quickly caught the attention of the Korean police.

"We have found the victim and the suspect in the alleged assault case, which occurred on Aug 23 and contacted them," an official at Seoul Mapo Police Station told Yonhap.

Miyurin was taken to the hospital after she felt pain in the midst of the police questioning on Aug 25. Examinations revealed that the attack left her with numbness down her neck and right arm. She would require a hospital admission upon her return to Japan.

While the incident took place in the midst of rising tensions between South Korea and Japan, the attack is completely unrelated to the feud, Korean media told ANN News.

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