Man wrongly assumes his wife's face massager is a sex toy and asks netizens if it's safe

A man found his wife's face massager and thought it was a sex toy.
PHOTO: Facebook/爆怨公社

What has two balls, a shaft, and gives one pleasure when used?

A face massager, of course!

But if you thought otherwise, you weren't the only ones.

It was reported by China Press yesterday (Oct 3) that a man took to Facebook group Complain Community to recount a rather embarrassing incident where he mistook his wife's face massager for a sex toy.

PHOTO: Facebook/爆怨公社

He wrote that he was surprised to find the object on her bedside table and as he thought it was an adult toy, he felt inferior and ashamed. However, he admitted that he was also worried that his wife would hurt herself because of the pointy end.

The Facebook user even asked netizens: "Isn't the pointy end dangerous?"

The man even pushed the button but he observed that nothing happened. He claimed that it was at this point that his wife walked in on him with the device and asked: "What are you doing with my face massager?"

It was only then did he realise that he had made a wrong assumption. 

While it's unclear if the man truly mistook the massager as a sex toy, netizens responded humorously.

According to reports, a few users trolled him and commented that "using this makes you feel good", intentionally leaving it ambiguous as to what they were referring to.

Conversely, one user said that she uses it to massage her husband, while some helpfully pointed out that it was a face roller. Others espoused its benefits, mentioning how it helps to "soothe aching muscles and relieves tension".

This wouldn't be the first time a man is shown to be ignorant when it comes to the affairs of women.

In May, a Taiwanese man cut up his wife's bras because he was suspicious of the liquid seeping out from it. When he found oil-filled pads sewn into the cup of the bra, he criticised manufacturers for endangering the lives of women as it was a flammable liquid.

Unfortunately, he wasn't familiar with push-up bras, which are usually padded with gel or water-filled inserts.

Netizens took to the comment section to chide him for ruining his wife's bras without her knowledge, and others pointed out that the bra he had destroyed was really expensive and had a NT$4,980 (S$218) price tag at a department store. 

It's times like these that really makes one wonder if the men truly don't get it.

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