Man in Thailand goes on rampage in temple, dies after being impaled by Buddha statue

Man in Thailand goes on rampage in temple, dies after being impaled by Buddha statue
PHOTO: Facebook/เครือสหพัฒน์-แหลมฉบัง-ชลบุรี

A man in Thailand who went on a violent rampage at a temple in the Chonburi province died after being impaled by a Buddha statue. 

On Feb 27, the 49-year-old man, who went by the name Ek, had taken methamphetamine in the temple with his friend - a monk at the temple who goes by the name Best, reported Thai media outlet Thaiger.

Ek then attacked Best with a fluorescent tube. While the latter ran away to seek help, Ek went on to smash statues in the temple, before fleeing into the main hall.

When the police arrived at the temple, Ek had locked all the doors and windows in the main hall, preventing officers from entering.

As they suspected Ek might have a weapon, the police waited outside and attempted to convince Ek to surrender himself.

However, there was no response from the man.

When they broke down the door and entered the main hall, the police found Ek lying in a pool of blood, with a Buddha statue pierced through his chest.

According to investigations, he had tried to climb and deface the largest statue in the hall but slipped and fell, landing on the sharp end of another statue below, South China Morning Post reported on Wednesday (March 13).

The statue's head had pierced his heart and lungs.

According to residents in the Banbung district of the province, Ek had stayed with Best at the temple for a few days before the incident, Thaiger reported.

Best told the police that he took drugs with Ek and agreed to leave the monkhood for his misconduct.

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