No joke: Malaysia mall offers lonely shoppers 'model' companions

PHOTO: Facebook/Sunway Pyramid

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In recent months, the coronavirus outbreak has driven people out of public spaces and into their homes, which means we can't hang out with our family and friends at the malls like usual.

But lonely shoppers can look forward to some company at this shopping centre in Malaysia.

Look who came out from the stores to join everyone in the #NewNormal practice? To ensure a good practice of social...

Posted by Sunway Pyramid on Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Sunway Pyramid has placed mannequins at several areas in the mall, not forgetting to place only one at each bench, 'cause social distancing and all.

"If you spot them, don't be scared," the mall said, encouraging visitors to take photos with their new shopping buddies and share the snaps on social media.

And if the outfits of these stylish mannequins caught their eye, shoppers can just check out the card to see where they can buy the items. Clever idea.


Temperature, check. Hand sanitiser, oops.

A woman working in a 7-11 outlet in Thailand recently spritzed disinfectant right into a customer's eyes after forgetting that she had set down the infrared thermometer.

ทั้งวัด ทั้งฉีด กรูทำคนเดียวทั้งวันเลยสับสน 🙄🙄

Posted by พิมรดา รักชาติ on Thursday, May 14, 2020

Realising her mistake, she immediately tried to comfort the customer who covered her eyes in pain. However, it's unclear whether first aid was rendered at the scene.

The blunder was caught on CCTV, and a clip of the incident posted on Facebook has garnered over 2.3 million views since May 15.

Now, here's an adorable demonstration of how the safety procedure's supposed to be done.

การ์ดไม่ตกนะครับทุกคน เว้นระยะห่าง ล้างมือบ่อยๆ ใส่หน้ากากด้วยนะครับ Cr : 31734244617 tik tok ครับ

Posted by 7-Eleven Thailand on Tuesday, May 19, 2020


As people are opting to eat in during the Covid-19 pandemic, a startup in Japan is muscling in on the food delivery market by having beefy men dish out bento and sushi to diners.

And these ripped guys will drop food at customers' doorsteps wearing Japanese 'happi' coats, which they may strip from the waist up if they're asked to.

But it doesn't go further than that, for they'll keep a safe two-metre distance while making the deliveries.

PHOTO: Vber Macho

According to Sora News, this wacky service is the brainchild of a sushi restaurant owner in Nagoya, who roped his bodybuilding buddies in his new business venture.

Perfect for diners hungry for some eye candy, we'd say.

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