No joke: Passenger stops train in Japan because someone coughed

PHOTO: Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Co. Ltd

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A westbound train in Japan had been shuttling along when it was brought to a screeching halt on Feb 18 night.

Someone had pushed the emergency button, but when asked why, the train staff were told over the intercom: "There is someone coughing without a mask on."

One passenger's dissatisfaction with his unmasked peer resulted in a three-minute delay as the two were escorted off the train to reconcile.

Turns out, the coughing man wasn't able to get a mask due to a shortage. Familiar story?


PHOTO: Screengrab/Weibo

There truly isn't much one can do while confined to the four walls of your apartment.

You could, perhaps, live-stream yourself sleeping, or you could challenge your neighbour to a dance battle from the comfort of your balcony.

Two female residents in Chengdu, China, were recently filmed doing fortnight dances from opposite buildings, while a man from a couple of floors below waves on enthusiastically.

The winner of their dance battle has yet to be determined.


PHOTO: Facebook/Singapore Laughs

Since surfaces can get contaminated with viruses, it makes sense to disinfect every surface we come in contact with, especially during the coronavirus outbreak.


So this Singaporean is taking matters into his own hands by dunking his bills in a pail of soap and water and giving them a good scrub.

According to Facebook page Singapore Laughs, the notes were later individually hung to dry in the sun.

Some call that being well-prepared, we just call that kiasi (afraid to die).