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'Just let my child play': Woman in China scolds staff for telling her child to stop thrashing supermarket, gets backlash

'Just let my child play': Woman in China scolds staff for telling her child to stop thrashing supermarket, gets backlash
A mother in China seen berating staff for trying to prevent her young son from trashing a supermarket.
PHOTO: Weibo

A toddler in China recently turned a supermarket into his personal playground, yanking neatly packaged lingerie items off the shelves, throwing them on the floor.

But what's worse, his mother not only condoned his acts but lashed out at those who attempted to interfere.

This incident took place at a supermarket in the city of Ningbo at Zhejiang province.

Seeing the mess, a supermarket staff approached the boy's mother and advised her to discipline her child, reported South China Morning Post

"Children may not understand, but it is the responsibility of adults to educate them," the staff said. 

Instead of apologising, the mother defended her son's misbehaviour and retorted: “First, I know what my kid was doing was wrong. Second, I have already told him."

Claiming that her son was simply playing with the products, the mother scolded the staff and even used an umbrella to point at her.

She said: “Once he has played enough, he will pick up the items. But if you don’t allow him to play enough, he will cry.”

Not wanting to escalate matters further, the staff decided to put the items neatly back onto the shelves.

The viral video had many coming out to criticise the mother's parenting style.

One netizen commented: "Behind every misbehaving child, there is always a misbehaving parent.”

While another said: “There are always parents who not only believe that their kid is the emperor in their own home, but expect others to believe the same."

Girl snips off woman's hair in China salon

Just last month, a six-year-old girl was caught snipping off a woman's hair at a salon in China

According to media reports, the girl's mother was getting her hair done in the same salon leaving the child unsupervised.

While no one was looking, the girl picked up a pair of scissors from the drawer, walked over to a customer and cut off a section of her long hair.

Devastated by the change in her appearance, the woman broke into tears and called the police.

The girl's mum later agreed to pay a compensation of 11,500 yuan (S$2,200) which will be used to fund eight sessions of hair extensions and hair care for the affected woman over the next two years.  

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