Samsung raises their game with the new Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic

The new Galaxy Watches have been totally revamped.
PHOTO: Samsung

During their Galaxy Unpacked 2021 event, Samsung said that they have raised the bar on their smartwatches this year with a complete revamp of their smartwatches inside and out.

First, they reimagined the operating system (OS) and user interface (UI). This was previewed during MWC 2021 earlier this year where Samsung showcased One UI Watch , the fruits of their labours following an announcement to merge Wear OS and Tizen.

New processors, better displays, and more sophisticated sensors have been incorporated into the hardware to reinforce their performance.

They’ve also worked on creating an expanded holistic health experience. For example, they recently launched the Samsung Health Monitor app on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Watch Active2.

Introducing the Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic

The Galaxy Watch4 series. 
PHOTO: Samsung

The Galaxy ecosystem has also been strengthened to the connection between Galaxy devices with new designs and product names that align with this.

So, with all of this, at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021, they announced the launch of their new Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic. The Galaxy Watch4 will have a new design to go with the new specs and features while the Galaxy Watch4 Classic retains the rotating bezel found on previous Galaxy smartwatches. Internally though, both new models are the same and have the same features.

Both are slimmer than previous models and can be customised to match your mood with different watch faces and straps that come in multiple colours.

They use the first 5nm processor in a Galaxy Watch, a 20per cent faster CPU and 50per cent more RAM. A Higher resolution display and better GPU means you’ll enjoy a smoother scrolling experience. You can read more about this new processor expressly created for wearables here .

The battery is meant to last up to 40 hours and also has Quick Charging so you’ll have 10 hours of use after just 30 minutes of charging. A full charge takes just two hours.

Select models also support an LTE eSIM so you can still make calls even if you leave your phone behind.

Health monitoring now made better

Where the new Samsung BioActive Sensor is located.
PHOTO: Samsung

Health monitoring has always been a popular reason why smartwatches are used. Previous Samsung Galaxy models could track things like blood pressure and take electrocardiogram (ECG) measurements.

The new smartwatches feature a new health sensor called the Samsung BioActive Sensor. This tracks three different health measurements-:-

  • Optical Heart Rate Sensor
  • Electric Heart Sensor
  • Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Sensor
Find out your bodies real composition.
PHOTO: Samsung

Acknowledging everyone’s body is different, the new Body Composition Analysis measurement provides a deeper understanding of your body.

The sensors capture 2,400 data points with up to 98 per cent accuracy to give users a more holistic picture of their health including things like skeletal muscle, fat index, Body Mass Index, and metabolic rate. This can provide insights to help those who wish to lose weight, build muscle, or boost metabolism.

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Sleep management that was first introduced in 2014 has been enhanced with snoring detection and continuous blood oxygen tracking while you sleep.

Used together with an improved sleep score and insight messages you can better understand how you sleep or escalate this to your doctor for professional assistance to get better rest at night. After all, improving the quality of your sleep will directly benefit your mood and interactions during the day with your family and friends.

Much ado about the OS and UI

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic series. 
PHOTO: Samsung

As we spoke of in the beginning, during MWC 2021, Samsung previewed their new OS and UI. By working together with Google, Samsung said that they were able to combine the best of both systems and created a new expansive ecosystem that sits on your wrist. Samsung apps like Samsung Pay and Bixby are now together with popular Google and third-party apps.

For example, Samsung’s enhanced Compass works seamlessly with Google Maps to make it easy to find your way around.

You can even listen to your Spotify tunes offline.

Apps will automatically be installed on your watch if you have them on your phone.
PHOTO: Samsung

One UI Watch allows the new smartwatches to look and work more like a Galaxy smartphone for a seamless experience across devices. Settings like Do Not Disturb Hours will be synced across your watch and phone as will apps that have both a watch and phone version.

Gesture controls will allow you to do things like accept or reject calls, or dismiss notifications and alarms.

With the tighter ecosystem, cross-device features have also been expanded. You can use your Buds for example, across your tablet, phone, and watch with Auto Switch. You can also check your Buds battery status, manage touch controls, or change noise cancelling on your watch using the new Buds Controller.

Pricing and availability

You can mix and match watch faces and strap colours.
PHOTO: Samsung

Pre-Orders for the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 series will commence from Aug 11, 2021, 10.30pm. Customers who pre-order their devices will be able to collect their devices from Sept 2, 2021.

The Galaxy Watch4 series will be available in Singapore from Sept 10, 2021, 10am. Their pricing is as follows:

Model Colour Connectivity Price
Galaxy Watch4 Classic 46mm Black, Silver Bluetooth $598
LTE $748
Galaxy Watch4 Classic 42mm Black, Silver Bluetooth $548
LTE $698

Galaxy Watch4 44mm

Black, Silver, Green Bluetooth $448
LTE $548
Galaxy Watch4 40mm Black, Silver, Gold Bluetooth $398
LTE $498

The following Galaxy Watch4 series accessories will be available at the launch to complement the devices:

Accessory Accessory Name Colours Price
Watch Strap Sport Band Black, Silver, White, Pink, Olive, Navy $58
Watch Strap Extreme Sport Band Black, Navy $58
Watch Strap Hybrid Leather Band Black, Silver, Camel, Navy, Pink $68

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