Spread cheer, not virus: Here's how you can celebrate the start of a new year sans crowded spaces

Spread cheer, not virus: Here's how you can celebrate the start of a new year sans crowded spaces

With restrictions ramping up due to the looming threat of the Omicron variant, being stuck at home has doubtlessly put a damper on our holiday festivities.

However, before we too hastily accuse Omicron of being the Grinch of 2022, here's a quick list of ways to celebrate the new year well away from crowds and the malaise of Covid-19.

Fun for the family

While we can't hold big reunions, sanctions on gatherings are not sanctions on your enjoyment of the new year.

Whether you're rewatching a Marvel movie for the 20th time or indulging in new year magic with the Harry Potter universe, let BenQ's GV30 be the perfect companion.

Not only does it provide a clear 720p projection at a unique 135-degree angle, it also has 16W 2.1CH cinema-quality speakers that will let you hear Harry cast his Patronus Charm in all its brilliant glory.

The adaptability of the GV30 is something of a marvel. The auto focus function and vertical keystone adjustability allow you to set it up just about anywhere and give you control over your cinematic experience, all while cozying up with your family on the couch.

Should you want to switch it up and watch another show, the GV30 can also access Android TV, providing you all-encompassing access to entertainment.

Immersive 4K experiences at home

Travelling is both difficult and risky now more than ever, and the escape that you so desire has been cut off.


Thankfully, not all is lost — there's something to be said about watching shows in 4K, more so for the TK700STi projector by BenQ.

The immersive nature of 4K projections powered by Android TV can bring you to the front seat of action scenes and sprawling landscapes, giving your fatigued mind a chance to travel to far-off destinations with its stunningly high-definition visual quality and smooth 60Hz frame rate.

With the Android TV giving you access to countless options for entertainment including Google-certified streaming, live TV and diverse apps and games, you will truly have the world at your fingertips.

Not only does it give you an array of entertainment options on the Google Play store, it also lets you cast any media from other devices within your network to the projector itself.

The 3000lm brightness and short-throw projection provide that final push to perfection, providing visual clarity in the comfort of your room.

Additionally, the TK700STi is also suitable for gaming.

The latency in the world's first gaming projector, BenQ's TK700STi, is low — with 16ms input lag — and operates at 60Hz with 4K resolution. That certainly makes it something to consider should you want gaming on a big screen and immersing yourself in the next big console gaming hit.

If you are eagerly awaiting to traverse the lush, viridian fields of Horizon Forbidden West, this projector would be a great tool for immersive gameplay.


Gaming beyond the new year

On the topic of gaming, BenQ also has their line-up of gaming monitors. Their latest MOBIUZ monitors, the EX3210R and EX3415R, have curved screens and are excellent for immersive gameplay.

The EX3415R sports a 144Hz refresh rate while the EX3210R performs just slightly better with a 165Hz refresh rate, and both have only a single millisecond of latency — virtually none.

For those looking to elevate enjoyment of their gameplay, these monitors will very likely bring them to the next level.

Even if you only casually dabble in a bit of Stardew Valley farming, these monitors will certainly improve your ability to immerse yourself in the daily rigours of farming life. It may not be much, but farming is honest work, and these BenQ monitors could be a perfect tool for your digital farm.

The recent surge of Halo Infinite players would also enjoy these monitors from BenQ. Trust me on this: If you're playing a first-person shooter, going from 60Hz to 144Hz is absolutely life-changing. You'll never want to go back.

If you know your significant other happens to be a gaming enthusiast in need of an upgrade from their old 60Hz monitor, these BenQ monitors may just be a great birthday present that they will never forget.

Appreciate yourself for your hard work thus far

Lone wolves out there looking to spend more time with themselves will also find catharsis this year.

Check out BenQ's EW3880R and EW2880U, both of which are great for cozying up while binge-watching popular shows this season.

Although both monitors are smaller in size compared to the BenQ projectors, they have relatively high resolution despite their size and are perfect for personal video enjoyment.

Furthermore, the built-in treVolo speakers will keep the clutter away from your battle stations by omitting the need for external speakers or any flimsy, perpetually-entangling wires that they may come with.

If you're all alone this new year, take the chance to use those savings you have for travelling overseas to splurge on yourself a little. 

With Covid-19 restrictions, we're probably not going anywhere so soon — so get one of BenQ's monitors or projectors and set the tone for the new year with fun and jubilation.

This article is brought to you in partnership with BenQ.

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