With Virus Vanguard gone, team of Covid-19-themed evildoers called CoronaVillains take over

PHOTO: Facebook / A Good Citizen

You’ve heard of the Virus Vanguard — the band of fictional coronavirus-themed cartoon superheroes commissioned by the government

Now meet the ragtag team of coronavirus-themed supervillains who’ll be able to take them on. And no, their weapons of war aren’t made of petitions started by local Liverpool Football Club fans or negative Facebook page reviews. 

In a collaboration between local art and illustration house A Good Citizen and writer Jonathan Lim, a series of cartoon characters were created, each embodying the worst types of Singaporeans we've all seen during the course of the coronavirus outbreak. 

There’s Panic Boy, for example, a hoarder who’s been snatching everything he can get his hands on — toilet paper, bubble tea, rice, instant noodles — for himself and no one else. 

There’s Embarrassador, the serial snitcher who’ll use every technological means at her disposal to harass people and rat on them, even if they don’t deserve it. Includes a reference to a certain someone accused of tattling home-based bakers to the authorities too. 

But the one leading them into villainous depths is Xeno, the Warrior Princess. Xeno, as in xenophobic, and ready to take down foreign workers

You get the drift. The internet has taken a liking to the CoronaVillains so far — way better than the reception that the Virus Vanguards received, which looked like they were meant to be concept drawings and not a final product. 

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