1,000 items this Singles Day: Taiwanese singer Annie Yi wants to break her 2020 record

1,000 items this Singles Day: Taiwanese singer Annie Yi wants to break her 2020 record
PHOTO: Weibo/伊能靜

It's nice to be rich, isn't it?

While most of us plebeians are scrambling to stock up on vouchers for Singles Day (Nov 11), Taiwanese singer Annie Yi is instead thinking of breaking her 2020 record where she bought over 900 items.

On Oct 31, the 53-year-old went on Weibo to share the conversation she had about Singles Day shopping with her husband, Chinese actor Qin Hao.

She even cheekily suggested that Qin Hao pay for her shopping spree despite earning her own keep.

Annie wrote: "Me: Hubby, last year I bought 999 items. I'm thinking of a 'breakthrough' this year.

"Husband: Since you returned to work last year, you definitely can make this 'breakthrough' on your own.

"Me: You're right! But my greatest source of strength is you!"

Annie added that her shopping list includes her husband's skincare products, clothes for her five-year-old daughter Milly and anti-ageing products.

Annie said: "When this year's Singles Day is over, I'll be opening packages until next year!"

In the comments, netizens are full of envy towards Annie's upcoming online shopping spree.

Last year, Annie's Singles Day hoard had a plethora of products and she gave more details on Weibo too.

The most expensive item she bought was a facial cream and she also purchased skincare products, facial masks, plants, laundry detergent, and slimming massage oil, among other things.

She wrote: "Just to give a report... On 11.11 (Nov 11) itself, I bought 397 items. From Nov 1 to 3, I got over 500 items so across Singles Day, I bought 900 items."

In response to her post, Qin Hao teased her and said: "My right eyelid has been twitching these past two days while filming. Today, I finally know why. How many of the items are mine?"

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