Aaron Kwok spends $17k a month renting house in Hong Kong for wife's parents

PHOTO: Weibo/Moka Fang

Moka Fang has married the right man, it seems.

Not only does her husband Aaron Kwok go diaper shopping and dish out Baby Shark dance moves, he provides for the entire family too.

After marrying Moka in a low-key ceremony in 2017, the superstar is said to have helped her parents move from Shanghai to Hong Kong.

He's also spending over HK$100,000 (S$17,000) every month renting a house for his in-laws, just so they can be close to the kids, Hong Kong media recently revealed.

The amount probably doesn't matter much to Aaron, who made 55 million yuan (S$10.7 million) in 2017 alone.

PHOTO: Instagram/Moka Fang

Aaron's family recently celebrated Mid-Autumn's Festival in Taiwan together, having flown there together with him for his concert at Taipei Area on Sept 13.

During the show, the 53-year-old told fans that he's very happy after having his daughters Chantelle, two, and Charlotte who was born this April.

Yet, Aaron might not be trying for a boy anytime soon because he doesn't want to put his wife through another painful childbirth.

Can someone give him a husband of the year award already?