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Ate 2,000 eggs in 6 weeks: Jeremy Chan, Desmond Tan and Ayden Sng share filming adventures in Thailand and Malaysia

Ate 2,000 eggs in 6 weeks: Jeremy Chan, Desmond Tan and Ayden Sng share filming adventures in Thailand and Malaysia
(From left) Jeremy Chan, Desmond Tan and Ayden Sng filmed for six weeks in Malaysia and Thailand for upcoming drama All That Glitters.
PHOTO: Instagram/Jeremy Chan, Instagram/Ayden Sng

Getting to travel for work is the dream for many of us.

Actors Jeremy Chan, Desmond Tan and Ayden Sng got to do just that while filming for the upcoming Channel 8 drama All That Glitters in Alor Setar, Malaysia, and Hat Yai, Thailand.

"I think filming this drama was the most fun, because during our time abroad, we have become very good friends and got to know each other better," Desmond, 36, told local media 8world. "I think this friendship will continue."

Jeremy, 41, added that his character had the most rivalry with Desmond's and that they could compete for Best CP at the Star Awards next year.


The bromance between the two was so strong that Jeremy's actress wife Jesseca Liu commented on an Instagram post Jeremy shared with Desmond: "They don't need the wives here."

Ayden, 29, joked during the interview that he felt like a third wheel between Jeremy and Desmond.

Jeremy couldn't reveal much about what the trio got up to during their six weeks of filming, but shared an egg-citing story — pun intended.

"I think the only thing that can be disclosed is that, during the filming in Malaysia and Thailand, the three of us ate at least 2,000 eggs between us," he said. "I ate about 1,000 on my own."

"Ayden and I each ate only half of what he ate," Desmond added. "But if any chickens see us, they should be scared and run away,"

Jeremy elaborated that they were asked to eat 10 eggs each morning to keep fit, but he found it insufficient so he would buy more. To not go hungry while trying to build up his physique, Jeremy ended up eating 20 to 24 eggs each day.

Addicted to the gym

The biggest challenge for Jeremy while shooting for All That Glitters was going from "a little fat guy to a muay thai fighter in six weeks," he reckoned.

Jeremy admitted that he previously didn't exercise much and that he had gotten "a little fitter" after filming.

Desmond countered that his co-star was "a lot fitter" now.


Nevertheless, Jeremy admitted to not being the biggest gym rat among his co-stars.

"Playing a muay thai fighter, I needed to have a great figure. Desmond would only be taking off his clothes in the show but he still went to the gym seven times a week," he said. "I felt guilty that I only went four times a week despite my role, so I asked Ayden to go with me to the gym."

Ayden concurred that Desmond was their "discipline master" and that they wouldn't have gone to the gym every day without him. Desmond retorted that he was simply addicted to the gym.

While he didn't have a huge physical transformation like Jeremy, Ayden — who is playing a satay stall owner — did have learning points to take away from All That Glitters.

"I learnt how to grill satay," he said. "The tip is not to be afraid of getting burnt."

Nevertheless, he joked: "I want to ask the production crew: I am only a satay stall owner [in the show], why do I need to have such a great physique?"

All That Glitters will air every Monday to Friday, 9pm, on Channel 8 and meWATCH starting Sept 18.

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