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'The bullfrog looks a little scary': Gulnezer Bextiyar and cast of Chinese variety show surprised by Singapore delicacy

'The bullfrog looks a little scary': Gulnezer Bextiyar and cast of Chinese variety show surprised by Singapore delicacy
Chinese stars from Divas Hit the Road were hesitant to eat bullfrog porridge in Singapore at first.
PHOTO: Weibo/Divas Hit the Road, screenshot/China HunanTV Official Channel

The idea of eating frogs can be a daunting one, and especially so for some of the Chinese stars from the travel reality TV show Divas Hit the Road — Good Friends, who visited Singapore in May.

In the latest episode, which aired last Thursday (June 6), the group of stars, collectively known as Hua Shao Tuan, and consisted of Chinese actors Qin Lan, Han Dongjun, Jiang Shuying and Zhao Zhaoyi, Chinese singer Dany Lee and Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin, met up with fellow actress Gulnezer Bextiyar at Changi Airport, who arrived in Singapore earlier that week to celebrate her 32th birthday.

The show centres around a number of celebrities travelling to different cities around the world with limited funds while bonding with each other during the trip. For their expenditure in Singapore this time round, they were told in the episode that it was sponsored by the Singapore Tourism Board.

Excited by their first free trip, the stars made their way to the Jewel Canopy Park to complete an activity. All in all, they have to visit 10 tourist spots and 11 restaurants during their six days here.

On that same day, they visited the Singapore Flyer, where they made wishes at its peak, Ola Beach Club at Fort Siloso Beach and had supper at Eminent Frog Porridge & Seafood.

While travelling to the restaurant at Geylang Road, Zhaoyi, 25, Dongjun, 31, and Dany, 34, expressed their fear of eating frogs and only Qin Lan and Shuying looked forward to it.

"I love eating frog legs," Shuying, 37, declared.

They were also concerned about not being able to finish their food as they had just eaten at the beach club.

In the end, the group ordered two pots of kung pao bullfrog porridges and beef slices to share.

When the bullfrog porridges were served, most of the stars were hesitant to try it.

"The bullfrog looks a little scary," said Gulnezer.

"But it smells really good!" Qin Lan, 44, expressed excitedly and Zhaoyi agreed.

As Shuying and Qin Lan dug into their porridge, they were full of praise.

Shuying added: "It's so delicious… It doesn't taste like bullfrog, it tasted like meat."

This piqued the curiosity of Zhaoyi, Gulnezer and Bolin, who then mustered up their courage to try the dish.

Zhaoyi picked up a small piece of the meat and placed it in her mouth hesitantly.

"It's just normal meat right?" Gulnezer asked.

Zhaoyi responded: "It's just like chicken meat!"

Dany and Dongjun were still hesistant, with the latter adding: "We will just be here to accompany you."

At the end of the meal, Gulnezer said: "We finished everything, there is nothing to takeaway!"

Hua Shao Tuan will continue their trip in Singapore with Chinese idol-actor Ding Chengxin joining them in the upcoming episode to be aired on June 13.

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