Call Me By Fire season 2 contestants confirmed, include Singapore's Huang Yida, Julian Cheung, Van Ness Wu

Call Me By Fire's second season has officially launched with a new music video featuring Singaporean singer Huang Yida.
PHOTO: Weibo/Call Me By Fire

The second season of the hit reality TV series Call Me By Fire is finally here and the stellar cast is confirmed — it includes Singapore's own Huang Yida.

A music video inaugurating the new competition titled 10 Questions was released yesterday (Aug 17) and features all 32 participants of the show.

Singer Yida, 43, is featured in the video alongside folk band Wu Tiao Ren's lead singer Renke.

Other participants in the show include Wilber Pan, Richie Jen, Alec Su, Darren Wang, Kenji Wu, Shin, Chang Chen-yue, Van Ness Wu, Mike Angelo, Mike Tsang, Jordan Chan, Alex To, Fan Shiqi, Hao Yun, Jin Han, Lee Seung-hyun, Raymond Lam, Hawick Lau, Deric Wan, Ron Ng, ICE, Leon Zhang, Julian Cheung, Zheng Jun, Pakho Chau, Zhu Jiaqi, Johnny Zhang, Cai Heng, Ma Di and Alen Fang.

Yida's appearance in this show will mark a significant turning point in his showbiz career. After retreating from the limelight and becoming ordained as a monk in 2009, he took a backseat in showbiz and only recently reappeared on social media platforms.

"Thank you everyone for your well-wishes! You've all waited long for me, I'm finally back," Yida wrote on a Weibo post last Thursday (Aug 11). 

Much like their sister show Sisters Who Make Waves, the latest cast of Call Me By Fire is very international, with artistes from Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore, Thailand and the US.

Call Me By Fire is a competitive reality TV show where male stars past the prime of their career go against each other in group battles and fight for a spot in the final group, ultimately making a fresh debut as a new boy band.

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With the variety of personalities involved in this show, it's likely that this season will bring some heat — as evidenced by the drama that took place in the previous season.

In October last year, concert pianist Li Yundi was mosaicked from an episode of the show after he was detained in Beijing for prostitution, which is illegal in China.

The first season also brought on artistes who had bad blood — Jordan Chan and Vincent Zhao were reportedly at loggerheads for a period of time because of their past connection to the late Anita Mui.

Even Sisters Who Make Waves 3 wasn't spared from drama when it was alleged in the recently concluded season that a contestant had a habit of not flushing the toilet and even "forgot" to wear her bra.

More recently, netizens discovered that Jessica Jung and Gillian Chung, two of the winners in season three, share an unfortunate commonality — Jessica's current beau is Gillian Chung's ex.

Although the two never performed together throughout the series, both Jessica and Gillian must now co-operate as they re-debut in the same group.

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