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Carrie Wong's rumoured ex Boris Lin said to be dating Selina Jen's actress sister

Carrie Wong's rumoured ex Boris Lin said to be dating Selina Jen's actress sister
Carrie Wong and Boris Lin in happier times (left), and Lorene Jen with a man said to be Boris Lin.
PHOTO: Instagram/borislin0713 (File photo), Screengrab/YouTube/CTWANT

Even after her text scandal with local actor Ian Fang last year, Carrie Wong's relationship with her Taiwanese model boyfriend Boris Lin remained strong.

He supported her after the news broke and declared that she had done nothing wrong.

But have they gone their separate ways since then?

According to Taiwanese media China Times, actress Lorene Jen — the younger sister of S.H.E's Selina Jen — was spotted on what seemed like a late-night date with a man who was later revealed to be Boris after some digging by the media.

On Nov 14, Lorene, 32, was seen with her parents heading to the Taipei Pop Music Centre to attend a concert by S.H.E's Ella Chen. After it ended, they travelled to the Nangang district to visit friends.

Close to midnight, a man — whom the Taiwanese media later found out was Boris — pulled up in a silver Nissan sports car and entered the same building.

An hour and a half later, Lorene and Boris walked out together and like a gentleman, he helped her with the car door as she got into his car.

Reporters described the interaction between the pair as "enthusiastic" and they drove off to Lorene's home.

Boris reportedly did not leave her residence until about 1.30pm the next day. However, he was gone for only 15 minutes before returning to pick up a long-haired woman wearing a mask — presumably Lorene.

So now the question begs, have both Carrie and Boris moved on?

Carrie reportedly deleted pictures of them together a few months ago, while Boris deleted their couple photos and kept group photos with Carrie and other friends on his page.

8 Days and 8 World reportedly attempted to contact Carrie but was unable to get her statement on the matter.


In an interview on the meWATCH talkshow Hear U Out in August, Carrie was vague about whether she and Boris are still together. 

She told host Quan Yi Fong: "After some experiences, I now want to protect the people closest to me because there's no need for them to come under such scrutiny. I thank everyone for their concern over my love life, and I will definitely announce it if I were to get married one day. But before that, I will protect the people around me. Right now, I'm very blessed and happy."

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