'Come in and choose, I'll foot the bill': Jay Chou 'suan' Taiwan paparazzi trailing him and wife at Chanel

'Come in and choose, I'll foot the bill': Jay Chou 'suan' Taiwan paparazzi trailing him and wife at Chanel
PHOTO: Instagram/Jay Chou

When you're rich like Jay Chou, you can certainly throw money at the problem.

According to media reports, the King of Mandopop had a humourous response to the paparazzi who were trailing him and his wife Hannah Quinlivan while they were shopping at Chanel.

Reports stated that the pair were spotted in the Zhongshan district on the afternoon of Dec 8, and at the Chanel boutique, Hannah was brought to the VIP room located at B2.

Jay, on the other hand, walked around for a little bit before entering the room. Thereafter, Chanel staff could be seen entering and exiting the room and fetching products from their storeroom.


It's not clear how or when Jay realised that the paparazzi were around but upon discovering their presence, he called out to them: "You don't have to sneak around to take pictures next time! Come in and choose a few pieces that you like, I'll foot the bill. My wife is a friend of the brand."

The 43-year-old has openly acknowledged his wealth and displayed his willingness to spend. In September 2019, he expressed his love for his wife through skywriting and even shared the ostentatious display of affection on Instagram.

When he was in Singapore for his 2020 concert, he encouraged fans to 'stalk' him on Instagram and promised to treat them to a meal if they found him.

In the end, Jay was generously picking up tabs for fans at restaurants that he happened to patronise, including $110 for a birthday treat that was meant for the wife of a lucky fan.

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If you didn't manage to get a treat from him in 2020, perhaps 2022 is your year as Jay is returning to Singapore for his Carnival World Tour on Dec 17 and 18.

Just be sure not to sneakily snap photos while he's out and about shopping at Chanel.


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