Daily roundup: Korean actress Hwang Jung-eum pregnant 4 months after withdrawing divorce - and other top stories today

PHOTO: Instagram/jungeum84

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. Love life like a K-drama: Hwang Jung-eum pregnant 4 months after withdrawing divorce

On Tuesday (Oct 12), Jung-eum's agency revealed that she is currently pregnant and due next year... » READ MORE

2. New choker? 4-year-old boy in China fastens bicycle lock around mum's neck

PHOTO: Screengrab/Youtube

During playtime, a boy in Jiangsu, China, discovered how bicycle locks worked, but he used it in the wrong way... » READ MORE

3. 'Your rider is preparing the food': Deliveryman makes roti canai himself after long wait at Malaysia eatery

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/broarifffff

Frustrated after waiting too long to pick up an order, a Foodpanda delivery rider decided to step in and prepare the food himself at an eatery in Selangor, Malaysia... » READ MORE

4. Inspirational Singaporean burns survivor Charlene Chew catches Khloe Kardashian's attention

PHOTO: Instagram/charlenechew

There have been many painful days for Charlene Chew, but today (Oct 11) won't be one of them... » READ MORE