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'Disgusted and disappointed': Netizens react harshly to HyunA seemingly dating Yong Jun-hyung, who was involved in Burning Sun scandal

'Disgusted and disappointed': Netizens react harshly to HyunA seemingly dating Yong Jun-hyung, who was involved in Burning Sun scandal
HyunA seems to be dating former Highlight member Yong Jun-hyung.
PHOTO: Instagram/HyunA

HyunA seems to have found love once again since her six-year relationship with Dawn ended.

The K-pop star, 31, uploaded a photo on Instagram yesterday (Jan 18) of herself and a man — whom she tagged as former boy band Highlight member Yong Jun-hyung — from the back, holding hands.

In a comment on her own post, she wrote: "Please view us favourably."

But that was the opposite of what fans, who are enraged that HyunA appears to be dating someone involved in the Burning Sun scandal that rocked South Korea in 2019, did.

"Girl, wasn't he an active bystander when his celebrity friends drugged, raped and filmed several women including minors and thought it was 'not a big deal'?" a comment read.

"Seeing you proudly post your relationship with a man who has admitted to watching videos of women being raped is a spit in the face to me and all of the other women you have garnered as fans with your image of empowering women," another read.

"This is gut-wrenching."

A netizen echoed the sentiments: "Not only as an artist, but as a woman in the industry who has openly advocated and empowered so many women across the globe… to associate yourself with human trash like this who has been linked to hideous crimes, this is just not right.

"I have been your fan for almost a decade and I don't think I can keep supporting you after this."

Others wrote that they were "disgusted and disappointed" and asked HyunA to "please take 10 large steps away from him".


The Burning Sun nightclub faced allegations of sex crimes, including the drugging and trafficking of women, including minors, to high-profile individuals and the distribution of non-consensual sex videos in chat rooms.

Ex-BigBang member Seungri, a co-owner of Burning Sun, was sentenced to a prison term for abetting prostitution and embezzlement, while Choi Jong-hoon (formerly of rock band FT Island) and singer-songwriter Jung Joon-young were sentenced for gang rape and for producing and distributing illegal materials.

In 2019, Jun-hyung, 34, admitted to having knowledge of Joon-young's sexual crimes through private messages with the latter, though he denied being involved in the chat rooms. He also admitted to receiving at least one illegal video.

"Even though I knew what was happening at that time, I thought it was not a big deal and acted with ease," he wrote in an apology letter announcing his departure from Highlight, formerly known as Beast.

"I was a silent bystander to this serious issue, where my actions could have led to even more victims."

A minority showed their support for HyunA nevertheless, with one writing that it was "disheartening" to see the negativity directed at her "for sharing a moment of happiness".

"HyunA, like anyone else, has the right to pursue happiness and love. Her boyfriend's past is his own. Instead of criticising, let's promote empathy and understanding," they continued.

"I'm really shocked, but I hope you're always happy, girl," another comment read.

HyunA and Jun-hyung's agencies did not confirm or deny whether they were dating.

"We are not involved in the artist's personal matters," HyunA's agency At Area told South Korean media.

Jun-hyung's agency Black Made said: "As it involves the artist's private life, it is difficult to confirm. We ask for your understanding."



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