Gossip mill: Plastic surgery? Netizens shocked by Hong Kong singer Daniel Chan's looks on new reality show — and other entertainment news this week

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Plastic surgery? Netizens shocked by Hong Kong singer Daniel Chan's looks on new reality show

Back in the day, Hong Kong singer Daniel Chan was a talented heartthrob whom many believed to be the next big thing after Andy Lau and Jacky Cheung. The 45-year-old has focused his career in China recently and has not appeared on Hong Kong television for almost five years.

He recently made an appearance on a new Chinese reality show called Shine! Super Brothers, where celebrities compete with each other for a chance to be a member of a pop group. Besides Daniel, there are 31 other stars such as former Taiwanese idols Ming Dao and Julian Chen of 80s boyband Little Tigers.

After videos of the show's press conference appeared online, netizens pointed out that Daniel looks quite different now and that his expressions were rather stiff. Some went as far as to say that he looked like "a plastic surgery monster".

His old photos were also dug out, with comments saying his current state is a huge contrast to how he used to look like back in his golden years.

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Alan Tam, Charmaine Sheh and other Hong Kong stars party at Kenny Bee's home

PHOTO: Weibo/Alan Tam

On Wednesday (Dec 2), Hong Kong veteran singer-actor Alan Tam posted on Weibo photos of a dinner party at his The Wynners bandmate Kenny Bee's apartment in Shanghai. Other famous friends at the get-together included Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh, singer-actor Jordan Chan, and also Jordan's wife, actress Cherrie Ying.

From the pictures, it definitely looked like the group had a swell night together. They had a jamming session, a round of card games, and even a tea appreciation session. 

Fans have taken to the internet to discuss how happy everyone looked in the photos, especially Kenny. Others have also commented that Jordan's new moustache makes the 53-year-old look much older than he really is.

PHOTO: Weibo/Alan Tam

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Christy Chung, 50, addresses criticism that she's 'held hostage by her womb' for wanting to conceive son with third husband

In recent years, actress Christy Chung and her third husband, Chinese actor Shawn Zhang, have been trying to have a baby boy. Some netizens have not been kind, saying that she is being "held hostage by her womb" and is a "child-bearing machine", due to her age and the fact that she already has three daughters from her first two marriages.

There were also speculations that she wanted to have a baby boy to tie Shawn, 38, down and that she prefers having a son over a daughter.

The 50-year-old star has responded positively to these harsh comments, saying "it is normal for one to want to have a child with her lover". She added the remarks she was receiving were "too scary" and that no one has the right to criticise a woman's personal decision to have a baby.

Christy also revealed that Shawn is going through a hard time and thus, she wants to give him a baby boy. 

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