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Gossip mill: Aliff Aziz cheated on wife as his 'soul felt empty', Ailee to marry Single's Inferno contestant, Zombieverse sequel reveals cast line-up

Gossip mill: Aliff Aziz cheated on wife as his 'soul felt empty', Ailee to marry Single's Inferno contestant, Zombieverse sequel reveals cast line-up
Local actor Aliff Aziz (left), South Korean singer Ailee.
PHOTO: Instagram/Aliff Aziz, Instagram/Ailee

Aliff Aziz cheated on wife as his 'soul felt empty'


After months of a public back-and-forth between him and his singer wife Bella Astillah, local actor Aliff Aziz finally revealed why he cheated on her.

"Maybe during that time my soul felt empty because I didn't get to appreciate what I had," the 33-year-old told Malaysian media Melodi.

He added that he couldn't control himself and admitted his faults: "This mistake isn't something to be proud of. It made me very stressed and embarrassed."

Aliff was arrested in Kuala Lumpur with his co-star Ruhainies from the drama Terjerat in March. They were found in the latter's condominium apartment and suspected by Malaysia's Federal Territories Religious Department (Jawi) of committing khalwat (an unmarried Muslim couple in solitude).

Bella filed for an expedited divorce, but Aliff refused to grant it in an April 4 hearing. The couple first married in 2016 and split in 2019 before reconciling.

In the same interview with Melodi, he explained that he refused to divorce his wife as she is the mother of their two children: "There needs to be more discussion. What happens after is something I have to bear."


Ailee to marry Single's Inferno contestant


In March, South Korean singer Ailee's agency A2Z Entertainment announced her plans to tie the knot with her non-celebrity boyfriend.

Today (May 14), they confirmed that she is dating Single's Inferno season one contestant Choi Si-hun.

According to previous reports, she was introduced to Si-hun by her acquaintance and the couple intends to get married next year.

Looking at Si-hun's Instagram feed, he went for Ailee's concert in October 2023: "Attended my bias Ailee's concert and had a happy birthday week with my loved ones."

Zombieverse sequel reveals cast line-up


Netflix's South Korean unscripted reality series Zombieverse is returning with a second season and some of its original cast members.

Among the latter are actress Lee Si-young, former Single's Inferno contestant Dex (Kim Jin-young), Tsuki from the K-pop girl group Billlie, rapper Dindin, entertainer Noh Hong-chul as well as Congolese TV personality Patricia Yiombi.

At the end of the first season, Hong-chui seemed to have been bitten by comedian Park Na-rae who had turned into a zombie. The remaining returning cast members had all escaped safely.

In the show, participants are tasked to outwit the undead during a zombie outbreak in Seoul.

While season one was said to be unscripted, some viewers back then thought otherwise.

"Called it, just like I said. 'Unscripted' my a**," wrote a netizen in a Reddit thread. "This is worse than (Korean variety shows) Busted and The Zone put together multiplied by 10 in terms of being scripted."

Another took to the show's defence: "It is unscripted though, as in the artistes don't have a script, they are just being led from one situation to another and given tasks to do," they wrote. "It's essentially a real-life video game."

The sequel will also feature new cast members — Girls' Generation's Taeyeon, BTOB's Yook Sung-jae, singer Kwon Eun-bi, comedian Jo Se-ho, rapper Defconn, civil servant-YouTuber Kim Seon-tae, music composer Code Kunst and American celebrity chef Andre Rush.



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