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Gossip mill: Constance Song, 45, expecting baby number 2 — and other entertainment news this week

Gossip mill: Constance Song, 45, expecting baby number 2 — and other entertainment news this week
Constance Song with her daughter Olethea
PHOTO: Instagram/ constancesongofficial

Constance Song, 45, expecting baby number 2

Congratulations to Constance Song! It was recently revealed that the local actress is six months pregnant with a girl due next March.

The 45-year-old told Shin Min Daily News that she was initially reluctant to reveal the pregnancy to her daughter Olethea — who's three-and-a-half years old — for fear that she would be jealous of the new family member.

However, just before the first trimester, Olethea asked Constance for a sibling out of the blue. The actress added the little girl would often caress her baby bump now and say: "I love you very much."

"Two is enough. I don't wish to try for a son because I'm worried I wouldn't be able to cope," Constance said.

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Wong Cho Lam and Leanne Lin post family photos of newborn daughter

Hong Kong actress Leanne Li has given birth to her second child, a daughter named Hayley. Her husband, Hong Kong actor-comedian Wong Cho Lam, recently posted family photos of the newborn and their older daughter Gabrielle on social media — they were taken at Gabrielle's second birthday

The couple revealed the pregnancy in June this year, and reports say Hayley was born in Shanghai. Leanne told the Hong Kong media: "We were both tickled and in awe when we first laid eyes on Hayley, because she looked exactly like her sister. When I look at Hayley, it's like looking at (Gabrielle) when she was born."

Cho Lam also added: "I'm so thankful she doesn't look like me. That's the most important thing. It's okay to look like Mummy."

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Veteran K-pop star BoA investigated for drug smuggling

Barely three weeks after she dropped her new album and marked her 20th anniversary in the music industry, first-generation K-pop star BoA is being investigated by the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office for illegally bringing in drugs through an unauthorised route.

According to The Korea Herald, the 34-year-old allegedly had multiple psychotropic drugs prescribed under an employee at her agency SM Entertainment's Japan office. She then attempted to bring it into South Korea under the name of another employee at the South Korea office.

The drugs reportedly entered the country via mail, and were intended to help BoA with her sleep. Her agency said in a statement that she had suffered side effects from the sleeping pills originally prescribed to her. Her Japanese colleague then obtained some from Japan for her.

Her agency added that the issue stemmed from an "ignorance of customs regulations for drugs", and that it was not BoA or SM Entertainment's intention to bring in the drugs unlawfully.

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