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Gossip mill: Fiona Xie, Jeanette Aw and socialite Arissa Cheo were once in a girl group — and other entertainment news this week

Gossip mill: Fiona Xie, Jeanette Aw and socialite Arissa Cheo were once in a girl group — and other entertainment news this week
From left: Fiona Xie, Jeanette Aw, Arissa Cheo
PHOTO: Instagram/xplacidacidx, Instagram/jeanetteaw, Instagram/xarissaxcheox

Bet you didn't know: Fiona Xie, Jeanette Aw, and socialite Arissa Cheo were once in a girl group

Wait what? Yes, you read that right.

In the latest episode of Hear U Out, local actress Fiona Xie revealed that prior to joining Mediacorp, she was in a girl group together with The Little Nyonya actress Jeanette Aw and socialite-fashion entrepreneur Arissa Cheo.

Fiona also said that out of the Seven Princesses of Mediacorp, she's known Jeanette the longest.

"We actually performed once in Takashimaya, singing and dancing," the 38-year-old told host Quan Yi Fong. "In the end, I can't remember why but I eventually left the group, I think I lost interest in it."

Chiming in, Yi Fong teased that it should be a dancing girl group as out of the three members, she knows only two of them — Fiona and Jeanette — and both cannot sing.

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Late Haruma Miura reportedly still not laid to rest after 5 months because of $1.28m inheritance

He died a few months ago in a suspected suicide on July 18 and his body has been cremated, but Japanese actor Haruma Miura, 30, has not been properly laid to rest. This is reportedly because his estranged parents are now tussling over his assets amounting to 100 million yen (S$1.28 million).

Both father and son reportedly had a poor relationship for the most part of Hamura's life due to his parents' divorce when he was in first grade at elementary school. His father later moved away, giving them less chances to interact.

However, their relationship reportedly improved after his father fell ill three years ago and underwent heart surgery. They had kept in contact since. Haruma's ashes are currently with his mother, and his father hopes he can be laid to rest soon and a memorial service to be held soon after.

Andy Lau: It's not that I'm professional, it's because standards of actors have changed

Hong Kong celebrity Andy Lau was surprised after he was praised in a recent interview for his professionalism, reported 8 World. The 59-year-old is known for arriving on set on time and memorising his lines diligently.

The video of the interview trended on Weibo and in it, he told the host with a straight face: "Isn't this what actors should do?" He also said it's not that he is dedicated, but that "the current standards have changed".

"Now, being punctual has become a virtue. Isn't it necessary to be punctual? I think this needs to be redefined!" he lamented.

However, he reflected on his actions as well and wondered if he should re-assess his own perception. While he gives advice to other actors who are new to the industry, he also makes it a point to not impose his own standards on others.

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