Gossip mill: Indecent photos allegedly of Hong Kong starlet Rose Ma emerge, her agency responds - and other entertainment news this week

PHOTO: Instagram/ roserosemama

Indecent photos allegedly of Hong Kong starlet Rose Ma emerge, her agency responds

Hong Kong actress and game-streamer Rose Ma attracts a ton of attention with her pretty looks and the occasional sexy photo on her Instagram. But the 27-year-old received more than she anticipated when some Hong Kong netizens identified her as the woman in some recently exposed sex photos.

While some of her fans denied it was Rose, her management agency released a statement on her Facebook account soon after.

A person who claimed to be her manager said: "Please forgive us for not being able to respond promptly. We have sought legal advice regarding the recent incident, and that's why we are not able to comment at this moment."

Some Chinese media noted that the manager did not deny Rose was the woman in the photos.

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Nicholas Tse on young stars with up to 8 assistants: 'Who do they think they are?'

Check your ego if you haven't paid your dues — that seems to be the message Nicholas Tse is telling young celebs.

In a video interview with Chinese media, the 39-year-old Hong Kong star said the young ones these days are more fortunate than him as some of them debut with easily five to eight assistants.

He said: "When I was filming [food travelogue] Chef Nic, we had over 90 celebrity guests over five seasons. Since I was overseeing the business side of things, I knew which celebrity we were inviting and how many assistants they were bringing along, such as their hairstylist, hairstylist's assistant, translator, translator's assistant, manager, manager's assistant, and assistant's assistant.

"They'd also have two bodyguards, one makeup artist, and their personal assistant. And I'd know how much to budget for their lodgings. Sometimes I asked myself, 'Who do they think they are? Let's not have this person.'"

However, he admitted that as the showbiz industry expands, more and more celebrities have such requests and they are really more fortunate compared to the stars of his time.

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Hebe Tien denies $4.74 million offer to join popular Chinese variety show

Instagram / hebe_tien_0330

According to Mirror Media, S.H.E singer Hebe Tien was offered a private plane to fly her between Taiwan and China, as well as a handsome pay of NT$8.5 million (S$395,000) per episode. However, she reportedly rejected the offer — and the purported $4.74 million paycheck — to participate in the second season of one of China's most popular variety shows, Our Song. 

The show pairs up one veteran singer with a newbie to compete against other pairs. The first season — which had 12 episodes — featured popular duos such Hacken Lee and Charlie Zhou, Fei Yu-ching and Ayanga, and many more.

So what's got Hebe tied up?

After four long years, the singer is set to release her new solo album called Time Will Tell. Apart from promotional activities, she's also in the midst of preparing for her upcoming concerts — One, after Another — to be held at the Taipei Arena at the end of next month.

In response to media queries, however, Hebe's agency Lelai Lehao said they hadn't heard of the show's invitation at all.

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